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My core research agenda explores how societal-level shocks impact health and exacerbate existing health inequalities. This includes the COVID-19 pandemic, where I estimated how the pandemic changed: population composition (1), the use of healthcare services (2), and non-COVID mortality (3, 4, 5). I also have a continued interest in racial/ethnic inequalities in population health, spanning the early life mortality (6), the opioid epidemic (7), and childbirth (8).

I've published on these, and other, topics in peer-reviewed journals such as: Demography, PNAS, Nature Communications, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, American Journal of Epidemiology, and moreFor a full list of publications, see my CV.

External Funding


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship (PI) (€ 220,908)

“Population Health and Period Shocks” [HealthShocks]

Awarded by Horizon Europe, Funded by UKRI



Dutch Ministry of Health – Excess Mortality Call (co-PI) (€ 50,000)

Joint with ahti, M.D. Verhagen and A. Frey

*Please inquire for list of internal funding

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